Twitter has released seven updates to TweetDeck

Twitter updates TweetDeck with seven new and familiar features that users have asked for.

Twitter intends to release a series of TweetDeck updates this week, including new and familiar features requested by users.

TweetDeck is a third-party application that allows Twitter users to manage multiple dashboards concurrently.

So, for example, you can respond to DMs, scroll through your timeline, and monitor a hashtag all on the same screen.

TweetDeck is free for anyone with a Twitter account to use in their web browser or by downloading the desktop or mobile application.

Though Twitter owns and maintains TweetDeck, the company’s top priority is always

When new features are added to the main version of Twitter, they aren’t immediately available in TweetDeck, if at all.

As Twitter tries to catch up in order to appease its devoted TweetDeck users, here’s a rundown of all the upcoming changes.

Updates to TweetDeck for October 2021

1. Oversee Multiple Accounts

Users can now easily add another account to TweetDeck and switch between them.

In TweetDeck, follow these steps:

  • Click the icon for your profile.
  • Choose “Add an existing account.”
  • Toggle between them by clicking your profile icon, followed by the profile icon(s) of your newly added accounts.

2. Realtime Timelines

TweetDeck’s timelines are sorted in reverse chronological order by default.

New columns will display the most recent Tweets first and will automatically refresh, ensuring that you never miss a trending moment.

3. Delete Columns

Users will be able to completely clear their columns and start over with the most recent tweets.

4. Return to the top

TweetDeck’s new “Scroll to Top” and “See New Tweets” prompts make it easier to navigate to the top of a column.

5. Delete Undo

If you delete a column by accident in TweetDeck, you’ll have a certain amount of time to undo the action.

6. Changes to the DM Column

The DM column is being enhanced with the ability to view, manage, and send direct messages in one or more columns of the TweetDeck Preview.

Furthermore, there is now the option to create a deck to manage all DMs and group chats in one place.

7. Better Mouse Compatibility

TweetDeck is improving mouse and scrollbar functionality for those who do not use a trackpad for smoother on-screen navigation.

In the Future, Will There Be a Subscription Model?

Could Twitter be preparing TweetDeck for a transition to a paid tool with the rapid release of these updates?

Twitter is considering a subscription model for TweetDeck, according to reports earlier this year, though we haven’t heard anything about it in months.

Twitter has little experience with paid tools, and charging for TweetDeck could significantly reduce its user base.

Twitter Blue, the company’s first-ever premium offering, debuted in June, granting access to exclusive features such as ‘undo tweet’ and bookmark folders.

Last month, Twitter introduced Super Follows, a paid service that allows users to subscribe to content creators in exchange for exclusive extras.

If the launch of Super Follows is any indication, Twitter users are hesitant to spend money on the platform, with only $6,000 in revenue generated in the first two weeks.

It will be interesting to see if Twitter goes the subscription route with TweetDeck. At the very least, new features are still being added while the tool is still free.

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