LinkedIn Introduces New Features To Assist Companies In Recruiting Talent

LinkedIn is updating company pages with new features aimed at assisting businesses in attracting and retaining top talent.

LinkedIn is enhancing company pages with new features to improve internal communication, attract new talent, and gain insight into competitors.

We’re in the midst of the most competitive hiring market in history.

LinkedIn prefers The Great Reshuffle to The Great Resignation because of the opportunities for positive career changes.

Businesses must communicate to prospective employees that they are the right company to work for as workers seek new and better jobs.

Furthermore, businesses should strive to build stronger bonds with their employees in order to retain them in the long run.

Here’s how LinkedIn’s new company page features will help businesses achieve their objectives.

New Features For LinkedIn Pages

Updates To ‘My Company’ Tab

LinkedIn is updating the My Company tab with new ways to keep employees engaged and informed about internal happenings.

The My Company tab is a section of LinkedIn pages reserved exclusively for employees. Companies can use this space to expand their employee community and advocacy efforts.

Businesses will be able to do the following thanks to updates that will be released in the coming weeks:

  • Curate content from your Page feed and add it to the My Company Tab with a single click.
  • Employees should be notified as soon as new content is curated and encouraged to re-share it.
  • With a dynamic visualization of the content that others in the organization are sharing, show employees how their re-share matters.

LinkedIn has previously stated that employees are more likely to engage with and share content created by their own company:

“Internal LinkedIn research shows that employees are 60% more likely to engage with posts from coworkers vs. non-coworkers, and 14x more likely to share their organization’s Page content vs. other brands’ content.”“Internal LinkedIn research shows that employees are 60% more likely to engage with posts from coworkers vs. non-coworkers, and 14x more likely to share their organization’s Page content vs. other brands’ content.”

The “My Company” tab appears on pages with more than 201 employees, as determined by the “company size” attribute.

In addition to the new features, the My Company tab now includes:

  • Highlights of employee anniversaries (promotions, anniversaries, new hires, etc.)
  • Coworkers’ popular content.
  • Suggestions for connecting with people you may know at your company.
  • An analytics section to assist in determining the impact on content engagement and reach.

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Openly Communicate Your Workplace Policies

In today’s market, job seekers aren’t solely deciding on their next position based on salary and benefits. They are also concerned with workplace policies.

Employees who are pleased with their organization’s flexibility in terms of work schedules or location, for example, are:

  • 3.4 times more likely to balance work and personal responsibilities
  • 2.6 times more likely to be satisfied with their employer
  • They are 2.1 times more likely to recommend working for their employer.
  • Being open and honest about these employees from the start can help you attract top talent.

A new LinkedIn Pages feature allows businesses to communicate their policies on remote working, vaccinations, pay adjustments, and other topics.

Policies are displayed directly in the LinkedIn Page header, making them one of the first things people see when searching for your company.

See how your page stacks up against the competition

LinkedIn has enhanced the Analytics tab with customizable competitor analytics, allowing you to add up to nine competitors to benchmark their LinkedIn Page performance.

With this feature, you can see how many followers your competitors have and how their content performs in comparison to yours.

LinkedIn will soon add more metrics, such as engagement rate, to its platform.

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