Why WhatsApp Is An Invaluable Marketing Tool

Leveraging the power of social media platforms can help businesses connect with a broader audience, boosting sales and building brand awareness.

As a marketer, you probably have utilized social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as your marketing tools. However, already known for personal use, Whatsapp has transformed the marketing game with the launch of Whatsapp Business — giving marketers the access to connect people with instant messages.

Whatsapp marketing can help a company promote its brand to its target audience, and it’s one of the best channels to build strong relationships with customers.

Regular Whatsapp VS. Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp provides two versions for instant communication — regular Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business.

While choosing the regular variant for your business can help you communicate with customers efficiently, having an account on Business Whatsapp delivers a more professional outlook.

The business app offers certain features that aren’t available in the regular one. For instance, instant messages, category tags, adding products and services to account profile, and so on.

The regular Whatsapp provides limited features for personal use. While on the other hand, Whatsapp Business makes customer interaction easy and satisfactory with some outstanding components, including; sorting, automation, and instant response to queries. Other than that, you can add more personalization info and tags to make your account more authoritative.

Reasons To Use Whatsapp For Your Business

Mainly designed for business owners, one can easily promote a brand on Whatsapp Business by providing instant support and immediate personalized response to the customers.

So, if you’ve never thought of adding Whatsapp business into your brand’s marketing strategy, let us walk you through some compelling reasons why it might be a good idea.

Build Brand Persona

The first step to using Whatsapp in your marketing strategy is to create a compelling brand persona, particularly for your Whatsapp account. Creating a unique and detailed brand persona for your business on Whatsapp can align your business profile.

Building a brand presence on Whatsapp establishes reputation and perception among the target customers.

Better Customer Service

Whatsapp has been a treat for businesses in marketing to the right audience. It has provided business owners with an opportunity to build better relationships with their customers and offer them prompt support.

Using Whatsapp as a marketing tool effectively improves customer support and boosts customer service efforts.

Product And Service Promotion

Whatsapp Business now offers more room for personalized visual content with new updated features, including status updates, category labels, and catalogs. Thanks to this, users can see what you offer without having to message you for such trivial information.

You can boost your marketing efforts by using Whatsapp features, such as;

Status Update — a business can run product launches and service promotions by uploading a status daily to generate sales and increase customer engagement.

Catalog — Catalogs, anywhere on a mobile, serve as a manual to put or organize products and services on display. By doing so, you don’t have to waste your time and effort in sending particular product images and information one at a time. Customers can easily see your company’s inventory and service list from the Whatsapp Business account.

Valuable Insights

Whatsapp Business offers a Statistics feature that helps businesses understand customers’ expectations and experiences. This feature provides relevant details, such as; the total number of messages delivered, sent, received, and read.

It also gives you insights into how many orders you’ve closed through Whatsapp. It can help businesses create more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that will resonate perfectly with their audience. 

Lower Marketing Cost

Using Whatsapp as a marketing channel is one of the most affordable and effective ways. All it takes to get the ball rolling is installing Whatsapp and creating a business account.

A user typically opens Whatsapp over 25 times a day, making this platform a must-have choice to increase engagement. Furthermore, Whatsapp marketing generates more conversion, sales, and engagement, allowing businesses to build strong relationships with their customers.


Whatsapp is an outstanding marketing channel for improving customer service, resolving queries, sharing product launches, and building brand awareness. It’s a powerful communication platform that can make your marketing efforts skyrocket.

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