Pinterest is a partner of WooCommerce

More than three million WooCommerce merchants can now turn their product catalogues into shoppable product Pins thanks to a new extension.

Pinterest and WooCommerce have announced a strategic partnership that will allow merchants to create shoppable pins.

This integration will connect more than 3 million WooCommerce sellers with 400 million monthly Pinterest users, with the goal of making it easier for merchants to build audiences and drive sales.

In a statement, WooCommerce’s Vice President of Business Development said:

“By partnering together, we provide the best integrated Pinterest shopping experience possible for WooCommerce merchants to be on the cutting edge of social commerce,” . “WooCommerce is highly invested in our merchants’ success. Merchants need the right options to reach the right audiences—this integration with Pinterest helps them do that.”

This is the latest step in Pinterest’s commerce expansion, which began in April 2021 with a similar integration with Shopify.

Extension Makes Selling On Pinterest Easier

Merchants who want to start using Pinterest for WooCommerce in their online stores can do so by going to their WordPress Dashboard Plugins page and installing the extension. It uploads the entire product catalog to Pinterest once it is installed and activated.

The product that can be purchased When Pinterest users use the visual discovery engine, pins will appear in their feeds. Without the need for manual uploading, product details such as pricing and availability are automatically updated.

The extension also includes shopping features such as tag deployment and customer interactions, allowing merchants to track top-sellers and most-saved items.

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Sales Opportunities Are Created Through Collaboration

Unlike other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, where users are looking for entertainment, information, or connections, Pinterest users are looking for something specific.

Pinterest users visit the platform 85 percent of the time when they are starting a new product, and nearly two-thirds use it to find products, ideas, and services.

Pinterest claims that unbranded searches account for 97 percent of all searches. This provides merchants with opportunities to influence decision-making and find new customers.

Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program allows WooCommerce users to promote adherence to merchant guidelines and increase consumer trust. This free program also improves product distribution and gives you access to exclusive features like merchant details, which help you highlight your brand’s strengths.

Pinterest Ads Can Be Improved With This Extension

The partnership with WooCommerce not only provides merchants with the information they need to optimize their Pinterest ads but also allows them to advertise more effectively.

Users can use a variety of ad formats, such as shopping ads, collection ads, automated campaigns, and dynamic retargeting, depending on their specific goals.

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