Google Search Console products rich result report error handling updated

Google changed how it evaluates and reports errors in product structured data on December 28, 2021, so you may notice a change in errors in that report going forward.

On December 28, 2021, Google made a change to the rich result reports for product structured data. This rich results report is viewable in Google Search Console, and the number of product entities and issues may differ from previous days.

What changed

According to Google, the company “changed the way it evaluates and reports errors in Product structured data.” Google did not provide any additional information.

The impact of the change

Google stated that as a result of the change, “you may see changes in the number of Product entities and issues reported for your property, as well as a change in the severity of some issues from errors to warnings.”

Google will annotate the report so that if you notice a decrease or increase in these numbers, it could be due to a change made by Google on its reporting end and nothing you changed on your end. Again, it could be a reporting issue, as Google’s search results have not changed.

Why we care

Do not be alarmed if you notice changes in the product-rich results report in Google Search Console; this is a confirmed change on Google’s end. There’s even less reason to be concerned if you didn’t make any changes to your site around this time.

You should still go over all of the errors, issues, and warnings that Google mentioned in this report and resolve them.

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