5 Effective Tactics to Generate Leads From Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Are you tired of pouring time and effort into your Instagram marketing only to see minimal leads? 

If so, you’re not alone. 

Generating leads from Instagram can be a real challenge, especially if you’re unsure where to start or what’s working. 

The good news is that all hope is not lost. 

In this post, we’ll share five effective tactics to help turn your Instagram marketing efforts into a lead-generating powerhouse. 

From creating irresistible offers to implementing strategies to use Instagram Reels for online marketing and lead generation, these tactics can help you attract and convert more followers into leads. 

Keep reading to find out how. 

1. Use hashtags effectively 

Hashtags are great for expanding your Instagram posts’ reach and attracting new followers. 

However, you must use hashtags correctly to support your efforts to boost your posts’ visibility and amplify your lead-generation initiatives on Instagram. 

Start by developing a hashtag strategy with the following tips:

  • Research relevant hashtags: Look for hashtags commonly used by your target audiences and other businesses in your industry.

    You can use Instagram’s search function or hashtag features from social media management platforms such as SocialPilot, Hootsuite, and Vista Social. 

    For instance, Vista Social makes finding hashtags easy by suggesting popular and relevant ones from the platform.

    Enter a keyword or hashtag relevant to your content, and the platform gives you a list of related hashtags based on popularity.   
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  • Create branded hashtags: Besides relevant hashtags, make branded ones specific to your business.

    Branded hashtags make it easier for users to discover your content and help you build a community around your brand, increasing your lead-generation opportunities. 
  • Use popular and niche hashtags: Combine popular and niche hashtags to help you reach a wider audience while targeting specific, relevant users.

    The more specific the audiences you target, the higher your chances of getting the right content to the appropriate people, supporting your Instagram lead generation efforts. 

    For instance, if your post is about promoting your shipping software as a service, include relevant hashtags talking about how to calculate shipping costs for small businesses such as #calculateshippingcosts. 
  • Include hashtags in your bio: Add a few relevant hashtags in your Instagram bio but do this sparingly. You don’t want to overcrowd your IG bio with too many hashtags since it can make your profile look “spammy.” 
  • Monitor and track the performance of your hashtags: Use Instagram’s analytics or other tools to track the performance of your hashtags. 

    Doing so helps you see which hashtags drive the most engagement and leads, allowing you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

2. Optimize your Instagram profile

Optimizing your Instagram profile can make finding your brand’s account easier when people search for keywords related to your business. 

As such, Instagram users are more likely to discover your account, increasing your lead generation opportunities. 

An optimized profile also means using Instagram’s bio section to highlight your unique selling points and Call-to-Action. It can encourage people to follow your account, turning them into leads.

For instance, you could include a “Learn how to write a blog post now” CTA in your bio to promote your services and generate leads. 

Follow the other tips below to optimize your Instagram profile for lead generation.

  • Use a clear and visually appealing profile picture that represents your brand. It helps prospects recognize and trust your brand more since it adds to your business’s credibility. 
  • Write a compelling bio that includes a CTA and link to your website or relevant landing page. Also, include relevant keywords and hashtags in your bio to make it discoverable to potential leads.
  • Consider including links to your other social media accounts to make it easy for users to connect with you on multiple platforms. 

    You can also mention the accounts of other brands that feature your company, like Material Kitchen does in its Instagram bio. 

    Mentioning brands in your IG bio can serve as social proof, which can help you generate more leads. 
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Optimizing your Instagram profile can help you reach more people and increase your chances of generating leads for your business.

3. Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can help you connect with your audience more casually and personally. 

Plus, Stories are usually some of the first things your followers see on your feed and profile, making them the perfect place to display your lead-generation initiatives and content. 

Use IG Stories to showcase behind-the-scenes content, promote special offers or discounts, or introduce and give sneak peeks of new products or services.

The new Swiss Miss flavored lip balm introduced in Glossier’s Instagram Story is a classic example. 

Image source:

You can also use the Swipe up feature in IG Stories to link to landing pages or other valuable content on your website.

Also, leverage IG Stories to run lead-generation ads and other promotional videos.

For instance, you can run video ads you create or those you get from corporate video production services on Instagram Stories to capture leads. 

It’s a great way to promote your services and products while generating leads on IG Stories.  

Learn from content writing tips and tricks to create compelling IG Story posts that help turn your passive audiences into leads.

4. Run Instagram contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways help you generate leads and drive engagement on Instagram. 

After all, contests and giveaways encourage potential leads to participate and share their information to win prizes. 

Run Instagram contests and giveaways that help you generate leads with the following tips:

  • Select a prize relevant to your target audience to encourage them to enter the contest.
  • Set clear rules for users to enter your contest, such as following your account and liking or commenting on a post. Include any eligibility requirements and any limitations on entries.
  • Use Instagram’s features, such as hashtags and Instagram Stories, to promote your contest and encourage users to enter. You can also use paid advertising to reach a larger audience and capture more leads.
  • Use the Swipe-up feature in Instagram Stories to link to your landing page, where users can enter the contest and provide their contact information.
  • Add clear descriptions or captions. For example, if you post your contest mechanics in a carousel or photo dump format, add compelling, creative, and clear photo dump captions.

Instagram contests can be a win-win for your business and participants since you can capture more leads through the entries and reach a wider audience while participants get a chance to win a prize. 

5. Utilize Instagram Shopping

The Instagram Shopping feature allows you to tag products in your posts and link to them directly on your ecommerce website. 

IG Shopping makes it easy for users to shop and purchase your products without leaving Instagram. 

It helps improve the customer experience, encouraging more people to convert into leads and buyers. 

Clothing brand and retail company Aerie uses Instagram Shopping in its IG post. 

Image source:

Users can click on each item’s shopping icons or stickers and get taken to the product page on Instagram and the brand’s website. 

Ensure your product pages contain all the necessary information, from item variations to sizing. 

If you sell products from marketplaces such as Amazon, exporting and syncing product information and listings from the marketplace to your online shop should be easy with ExportYourStore. 

Know how the platform works with this review of ExportYourStore

The power of Instagram for generating qualified leads

Learn from proven Instagram lead generation strategies to convert passive audiences and followers into leads and paying customers. 

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